Cardenas is well known for our warm and delicious corn tortillas made from 100% corn.

We have a variety of white and yellow tortillas, cactus (nopal) and purple corn tortillas.

Cardenas prepares its own delicious and unique dough for tortillas.

We offer fresh prepared dough and loose dough (masa) for tasty traditional tamales.

We have fresh Strawberry, pineapple, nut and Pina Colada dough (masa).

For your pozole, we have white and purple hominy.

We also have handmade Mexican huaraches and sopes.

For your snacks, we have our special and original homemade chips and Mexican fritters (buñuelos).

We have a knowledgeable team for any questions regarding the dough (masa) for tamales and tortillas.


Corn Tortillas
Flour Tortillas
Wheat Tortillas


Prepared Dough (Masa)
Non-prepared Dough (Masa)
Strawberry Dough (Masa de Fresa)
Pineaplle Dough (Masa de Piña)